My name is Berenice Dimas

I was born in Tenochtitlan (what is now known as Mexico City) and grew up on Tongva Lands (El Monte, CA in the San Gabriel Valley). My family is native to the lands of Michoacan, Guanajuato, and the Valley of Toluca in Mexico.

I’m grateful to my ancestors for the wisdom they share and for leaving a legacy that has taught me how to be in relationship with the universe.

The work that I offer in the community is a manifestation of this legacy. It is a reflection of the relationship I have with my ancestors, all that guides me, the earth, the plants, and with myself. My work also incorporates the lessons I’ve learned through my lived experience, from teachers, elders, mentors, family, and friends along the way.



  • B.A. in Women & Gender Studies, B.A. in Ethnic Studies, and a Minor in Latin American Studies from California State University Fullerton.
  • M.A. in Multicultural Women’s and Gender Studies at Texas Woman's University. My thesis focused on the metaphysics of holistic transformation in queer Chicana literature.
  • Was a High School Teacher and then transitioned into district wide mediation, restorative, and transformative justice work.
  • Currently enrolled in a Midwifery Program at Commonsense Childbirth School of Midwifery.
  • Founder and Community Based Herbal Educator at Hood Herbalism.
  • Full-spectrum birthworker (doula) centering ceremony and indigenous birthing practices.
  • Featured in: NY Times, Fierce by Mitú, Remezcla, Hip Latina, Voyage LA, Refinery 29, the Mercado Poco a Poco Blog, Wildly Rooted Podcast, KPFK's Feminist Magazine and Dash Radio’s Heal & Hip Hop Show.
  • Facilitated workshops at the Women of Color Herbal Symposium (2016), the Portland Plant Medicine Gathering (2017), the Women of Color Herbal and Healing Retreat (2018), New Earth Mystery School (2018 & 2019), Root Work Herbals' People's Medicine School (2020), Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery (2020), and at community spaces as well as universities across the country.
  • Practitioner for the Healing Clinic Collective in Oakland, CA from 2013-2016 and helped organize the 2015 Youth and Young Adult Healing Clinic.
  • Contributor to: Fleshing The Spirit: Spirituality and Activism in Chicana, Latina, and Indigenous Women's Lives edited by Elisa Facio and Irene Lara.
  • Contributor to: Voices From the Ancestors and Beyond: Chicanx/ Latinx Decolonized Spiritual Expressions, edited by Lara Medina & Martha R. Gonzalez.