moon water medicine

The Medicine of Moon Water

Where I come from, the moon is a sacred energy that we have honored for thousands of years. In Nahuatl, we refer to the moon as Meztli or Coyolxauhqui, two energies associated with the moon. In the English language they often refer to Meztli and Coyolxauhqui as “goddesses” but we understood them as more than…

Birth Story Ximena

A Birth Ceremony

Testimonial From Lorena Santos: We absolutely love our doula, Berenice Dimas! Berenice provided us with the guidance, tools, education, and support that made our birthing ceremony be just like we envisioned–and a lot less intimidating. As first time parents, we deeply appreciated this preparation and the wealth of knowledge Bere shared. We were empowered to…

Herbal Street medic kit


Herbs and resources to help support your body~mind~spirit as you participate in protest, marches, demonstrations, and actions.