The Medicine of Moon Water

Where I come from, the moon is a sacred energy that we have honored for thousands of years. In Nahuatl, we refer to the moon as Meztli or Coyolxauhqui, two energies associated with the moon. In the English language they often refer to Meztli and Coyolxauhqui as “goddesses” but we understood them as more than “goddesses.” They are energies that protected and embody the moon. Energies with a history, legacy, and deep significance. The moon is our first grandmother.

moon water medicine

You can gather or infuse water with the Moon’s energy. You can also pick different phases of the moon to gather this medicine. Remember that the placement of other planets informs the vibration of the moon every day. When you work with moon energy, you are tapping into an ancient frequency that supports your intuition, subconscious, and shadow parts of the self.

How to create medicine with the moon:

  1. Pick a glass bowl of your choice. Clean and sanitize it.
  2. Add some fresh spring, filtered, or distilled water in there.
  3. Hold the bowl and bless the water. Thank it for its medicine. Communicate with it and let it know you will be placing it outside and will be gathering the medicine of the full moon. communicating with the elements is very important. It’s a relationship you are developing so honoring them will shift the vibration of your moon water.
  4. Pick a space outside where the water will receive the moon light.
  5. You can decorate the space by placing flowers around or setting up an altar.
  6. Place your bowl down and let the water infuse with the medicine of the moon light for a couple of hours.
  7. Bring the bowl back inside and put your moon water in a jar.

How to use moon water:

Use moon water to make other medicines, in baths, offer some to your altars, or use it for other rituals.

Pro tips:
If you are worried about bugs getting in your water, use a thin layer of unbleached cheese cloth to cover your bowl. You can place the bowl anywhere outside.

Placement can sometimes be influenced by what is happening in the cosmos. For example on October 31, 2020, the moon was full and in the sing of Taurus. Since Taurus is in an earth sign, placing your bowl on the earth can also bring in the earth medicine in your water while honoring Taurus as an energy present that day.

Medicine made with love and intention is always our best medicine. Leave the water out as long as it feels good for you. I recommend a couple of hours once the sun goes down and leaving it out there until after midnight.
This is your medicine so trust your intuition.


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