Birth Work

I was called to birth in 2014 after the passing of my maternal grandmother. She visited me in a dream and encouraged me to learn more about birth. At the time, I didn’t know what she meant but now, I understand why she guided me into this work. Growing up as a queer person, birth felt separate and distant from me. My grandmother wanted me to learn that there were many ways to experience birth. She wanted me to remember that we all come to this journey differently and that every story is valid.

I come to birthwork because babies have called me. Families have called me. Experiences, dreams, and stories have called me. I come to birthwork because it is a path that called me.

The pregnancy support I offer is grounded in an understanding that the birthing person knows more about what they are feeling in their body than anyone.


As a birthworker I affirm your inner wisdom.  I also:

  • Respect and encourage informed choices.
  • Support you in taking ownership of your birth journey
  • Offer resources and answer questions.
  • Help you call in ancestral wisdom to ground and guide your journey.
  • Provide trauma informed care that is midful of potential systemic, historical, and personal triggers that may come up for you during this process.
  • Support during different stages and outcomes of the birth journey including abortions, miscarriages, and stillbirth.

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